Help us give back in 2020

The equestrian community represents a collection of some of the kindest and most generous people in Atlanta; in 2020, we want to work with you to show the city how amazing this group of people really is.  

In partnership with four incredible local charities, you will join dozens of committed trainers, riders and their families as we raise $10,000 to fight hunger, homelessness, child trafficking and discrimination.

Four original artworks from Atlanta artists representing different parts of the city will be debuted throughout the year for the benefit of each charity.  Each campaign will yield new apparel, products… and perhaps one or two surprises.

It’s a big goal, so customize a t-shirt for your entire barn, or just grab one for yourself, pick up a sticker, and spread the word- 100% of profit goes directly to our partners with love from the whole community.

And if you’re feeling really generous, you’ll discover opportunities to donate a little bit of your time as well.

This is the year to give – thank you for making a difference in 2020.


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